APAC ChatbotTrend Report

APAC Chatbot Trends Report

Why Do We Create APAC Trend Report

The chatbot market has been blooming since 2018. Chatbots were first introduced into the finance industry, but have slowly been introduced into other industries and public institutions. Through the Trend Report, we would like to show how chatbots improve the lives of users around Asia.

asia chatbot trend report


Smartphone penetration rate in the Asia-Pacific region is about 70% and the region’s population is around 4.6 billion, accounting for 58% of the world’s population. This shows that there is not only a huge market to tap into, but also countless opportunities to introduce chatbots into the Asian market. Through our Trend Report, we hope to provide insight on how the different Asian countries utilize chatbots, and the future of the chatbot industry within Asia.

Makebot’s APAC Chatbot Trend Reports Press Release

Makebot’s annual APAC Trend Reports have been introduced by various outlets around the world.

  • Yahoo finance

  • Businesswire

  • AP

  • Malaysia Global Business Forum

  • Metro

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